fi Suomeksi

Finland is well-known for her level of high technology, especially in the field of exportation. Also Finland is remarkably dependant on exportation. For over hundred years exportation has brought the country employment and wealth. First there was tar, then timber. Currently at the head of exports of goods is electronics. In the future, we can see a rise in a holistic know-how of environmental technology, more specifically in the ability of uniting and developing such systems.


Today, the greatest areas of industry are transportation, travel and energy. They all come together in what we see happening in our environment. Environmental technology includes all the biggest areas of industry. On planet Earth, already more is consumed than produced. The processes of conversion, emission and removal of matter and energy are taking place in our societies more than ever. The results of this action by humanity itself are everywhere to be seen.


A finnish engineer, expert, inventor and innovator has brought many ideas, implementations, projects and combinated systems known to our existence. In times to come, Finland can not be a bulk producer. We can only take the role of specialism by finding the exact sections in environmental industry in which we can be the forerunners.


The environment is common to every living organism. The finnish knowledge on environmental issues has been noted high quality; it can develop and create solutions. In Finland, the current environmental know-how is spread around the country from South to North and from East to West. A new success to the world’s market is to bring the finnish know-how all together, forming an environmental cluster. Demand is guaranteed. Finding us, on the other hand, is still not.


The environment industry association is also a lobbyist. It is influental, informative and a collective society for specialists in the environment industry field. The association has now been established. We are in the stage of bringing most, if not all, finnish experts together and coordinating the action around the association into areas of expertise. This will form a concept of finnish know-how, to get a more spesific understanding of the demand for it in the market, and naturally raise awareness of the association.

The association is partly a dialogue style forum for discussions between active citizens and experts around the topic. This kind of a forum between active individuals and experts is crucial, since without responsible citizens there would not exist any lasting societies with pure, vital milieus.